Hearts Meditative Coloring Book SampleAdult coloring for relaxation, meditation, healing, or prayer.

One of our favorite symbols is the heart, evoking feelings of love, caring, loyalty, and devotion. The image of a heart speaks a universal language around the world and down through the ages. Artist Aliyah Schick began each of these drawings with a simple heart shape, then elaborated and varied it to end up with a completely original and different drawing.

Use the Hearts Meditative Coloring Book to enter a deeply relaxed, loving, and contemplative state. As you color these hearts, open your own heart to live with more compassion for others and for yourself. Open your life to deeper connection with the earth and with all of life. Open yourself to recognize the sacred and the natural beauty in all things, including in yourself.

  • 34 different original drawings by artist Aliyah SchickHearts Meditative Coloring Book Samples
  • introduction with a brief history of the heart image
  • suggestions for how to use a Meditative Coloring Book
  • meditation
  • about the artist: Aliyah Schick
  • ages 8 to 108

Hearts Meditative Coloring Book SampleHearts Meditative Coloring Book Sample

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