Crosses Meditative Coloring Book SampleAdult coloring for relaxation, meditation, healing, or prayer.

The cross is one of our most ancient and enduring sacred symbols, found in nearly every culture throughout human existence. It symbolizes the celestial, spiritual divine coming into being in this material world. It represents God taking form, and the integration of soul into physical life.

The drawings of the Crosses Meditative Coloring Book feature both ancient and contemporary images of the cross in reflections of the deep spiritual significance of its form. As you color these images, allow yourself to open to your natural, innermost spiritual connections and faith, and explore your true purpose and meaning in this life.

  • 33 different original drawings by artist Aliyah SchickCrosses Meditative Coloring Book Samples
  • introduction with a brief history of the cross
  • suggestions for how to use a Meditative Coloring Book
  • meditation
  • about the artist: Aliyah Schick
  • adult coloring, ages 9 to 109

Crosses Meditative Coloring Book SampleCrosses Meditative Coloring Book Sample

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