Angels Meditative Coloring Book Sample

Adult coloring for relaxation, meditation, healing, or prayer.

As you color these angels and settle into a very relaxed or meditative state, open your heart, find your wisdom, allow intuitive knowing, and connect with your spiritual potential. Let yourself enter into the experience. Pay attention to impressions and ideas, feelings, intuition, and messages. They may very well be exactly what you need to hear.

These angel images are originally drawn with a pen in each hand, during a centering meditation. The artist, Aliyah Schick, allows the lines to go where they will, as the two sides mirror each other. Every movement is guided by spirit. Every drawing is different. And each one is a wonderful surprise filled with angelic presence.

  • 36 different original drawings by artist Aliyah SchickAngel Meditative Coloring Book Samples
  • introduction: What Are Angelic Imprints?
  • suggestions for how to use a Meditative Coloring Book
  • meditation
  • about the artist: Aliyah Schick
  • adult coloring, ages 9 to 109

Angels Meditative Coloring Book SampleAngel Meditative Coloring Book Sample

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