Ancient Symbols

Ancient Symbols Meditative Coloring Book SampleAdult coloring for relaxation, meditation, healing, or prayer.

Ancient and indigenous sacred images speak deeply to us, to our bellies and our bones, to our cellular memory and our wisdom, and to our soul’s yearnings. Native peoples throughout time and place see the sacred in all of life. For them, holiness is life and life is holiness. The drawings of the Ancient Symbols Meditative Coloring Book feature timeless designs used by every culture on earth to remind us of the sacred.

As you color these drawings, let your mind settle into your subconscious and into your body, into memories older than you know, into wisdom and insight and awareness we have all forgotten we even have. Remember who you are and who you can be.

  • 32 different original drawings by artist Aliyah SchickAncient Symbols Meditative Coloring Book Samples
  • introduction with a brief discussion of ancient symbols
  • suggestions for how to use a Meditative Coloring Book
  • meditation
  • about the artist: Aliyah Schick
  • adult coloring, ages 9 to 109

Ancient Symbols Meditative Coloring Book SampleAncient Symbols Meditative Coloring Book Sample

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