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Aliyah Schick: artist, writer, and healer

Aliyah (pronounced ah-LEE-yah) has been an artist and writer all of her life. After Peace Corps in the Andes Mountains of South America, she went back to college to study studio art full time for four more years, then created and sold pottery and ceramic art pieces for many years. Later Aliyah worked in fiber and fabric, making soft sculptural wall pieces, art quilts, and fabric dolls designed to carry healing energy. Now she draws and paints, journals prolifically, and writes poems and prose.

At the heart of all she does, Aliyah Schick’s deepest work is healing. She is a skilled and dynamic healer of deep energetic patterns. Her work in the multidimensional layers and aspects of the human energy field is powerful and effective. Through her art and writing, too, Aliyah helps us heal our bodies, minds, and spirits, to become more of who we can be, and to fulfill more of why we are here in this life.

Aliyah Schick operates a professional Transformational Healing and Coaching practice. Her company, Sacred Imprints, publishes four volumes of Meditative Coloring Books: Angels, Crosses, Ancient Symbols, and Hearts. A new volume of Labyrinths will be out in the fall of 2011. Aliyah’s book, Mary Magdalene’s Words: Two Women’s Spiritual Journey, Both Truth and Fiction, Both Ancient and Now, is available on amazon.com. Aliyah also explores enlightened entrepreneurship, studies Abraham-Hicks materials, meditates, gardens, facilitates a prayer chain, marvels at ever-expanding paradox, and practices being present in the moment.

Aliyah lives and works in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carollina where the energy of the earth is easily accessible, ancient, motherly and obvious. It is a place where people speak with familiarity and reverence of both land and spirit, and where the sacred comes to sit next to you on the porch to share the afternoon sun.

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